Susan Wayland - Erotic Latex Fetish Glamour


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In the kaleidoscope of colorful varieties photographer Norman Richter uses the unique properties of this substance in the limelight. It focused his lens the international latex model Susan Wayland a conscious artifact, idol and icon-established. In 15 chapters, the bilingual picture book a multi-faceted insight into the world of arful fantasies: Fall of Man and Lolita myth, high heels, catsuits and uniforms, surreal landscapes and colorful latex sheen. Richter's compositions combine the erotic component of artistic merit, are a sensual and glamorous journey into the world of photographic creativity.

The model Susan Wayland is an internationally established models in the range of latex fashion. Extravagant clothes and distinctive style are the hallmarks that distinguishes their work beyond the mainstream.



  • Hardcover Edition: 192 Pages
  • Language: English, German
  • ISBN-10: 3942431033 ISBN-13: 978-3942431033
  • Size: 10,8' x 8,1' x 0,8'


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