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Latex-Guide von Susan Wayland

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Latex-Guide von Susan Wayland

Since the first time I came across this extraordinary material I loved the feeling, the look and the ensuring magic that comes with it. And while talking about my career I often get asked the same questions. 

How do you put on these tight outfits?
How does it feel, is it comfortable?
This must require a lot of care?!
And of course: I always wanted to try it, where can I get such an extraordinary dress for myself?

In this ePaper I would like to stimulate your interests in latex fashion, share a few of my gained experiences in proper handling of latex fabrics and of course: inspire your fantasies and imagination. And who knows, maybe you'll become a latex aficionado as well.

I hope you will have a nice time browsing and reading, whether you are totally new to latex or an 'established veteran'. 

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